Three Roses Bed & Breakfast
"Where breakfast is an event!"
209 E. Howard St.
Pontiac, IL  61764-1919

About Us

Three Roses Bed and Breakfast is owned and operated by David and Sharon Hansen. David works full time so the daily operation of the bed and breakfast is Sharon's job. David is her "handyman". They have been married for over 13 years.  Sharon's 3 grown daughters were the inspiration for the name "Three Roses Bed & Breakfast". Sharon says her daughters are like roses, each is beautiful in her own way, but different. Three of the guest rooms are named after the girls: Jennifer, Monica and Marcia. Sharon's china pattern is "Old Country Roses"so fits in very well with the theme of the bed and breakfast.

A former registered nurse, Sharon doesn't like to travel, loves having company, and loves to feed people so a bed and breakfast is just about the perfect job for her. She enjoys making others' travels more like home but with her doing the work.

There is one cat in the Hansen household. The cat, "Miss Kitty" stays in the basement. (A highly allergic guest states she cannot tell there is a cat in the house.) "Miss Kitty" likes to tear up the furniture, so she doesn't get to come upstairs.  We have a sweet Yorkie who is Sharon's pride and joy next to her daughters. We adopted Mitzi in August of 2010.  Mitzi was a rescue.  She had been used for breeding and dumped on the street when they were done with her.  Mitzi is friendly to everyone. Mitzi will run right over to you and beg to be picked up.  She has even slept with a few of our guests who said it was the highlight of their stay. 

Sharon has two mottoes when it comes to the operation of the bed and breakfast: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"; and "Always give the customer more than they pay for". This philosophy has garnered the Guest Favorite Award for 2007, 2011, 2012 and 2013 from  Three Roses is the only B&B in Illinois to win the award 4 times.  Three Roses was also awarded the Property of Distinction award for excellence in the bed and breakfast category from

Sharon & David Hansen
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